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After years of pontificating about how much we'd like to live in a shipping-container-based tiny house, we realized that we'd never be ready. Paying more than a shipping container's cost in rent pushed us over the brink: we moved from San Francisco's Mission across the bridge and into a West Oakland lot. Living in a tent provided excellent motivation to complete our container conversion. Several months, more than a few minor disasters, and many experiments later, we've created a tiny home community in the heart of West Oakland. We're not getting rich, but we are close to breaking even. More importantly, we're living in a solar-powered, sustainable home we built for less than the cost of a car. Chickens in the yard, fast internet, occasionally-alive gardens, and providing affordable homes for our friends: it's getting harder and harder to consider our sustainability a sacrifice. We've got giant problems, but technology presents us with more power than ever to fix them. We hope you'll learn a bit from our mistakes and join us in building sexy, sustainable housing from industrial waste!

Here's a video our friend Kirsten Dirksen made of boxouse site #001:

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We're documenting slowly but surely. Here's our Instructable on obtaining a container.

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